Today, people are more health-conscious, and no wonder juicers are always in demand. More households rely on juicers to produce the healthiest and most refreshing drinks for the entire family. When it comes to the best juicers in India, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Picking the right product can be time-consuming. To help you narrow your search, we have researched and come up with a few juicers made from reputed and best brands in India.

10 Best Juicers In India That Are Worth Buying

1. Philips Viva Collection 1.5-L 500-Watt Juicer

best juicers in india
  • Integrated pulp container
  • Easy-to-use
  • Non-slip feet
  • Direct serve mechanism
  • 1.5 litre capacity

About Product:

The Philips Viva Collection 1.5-liter juicer deserves to be on top of this list because it is equipped with incredible features that make juicing so much easier when compared to the other juicers.

Furthermore, this juicer is capable of producing 1.5 liters of juice in one go. It is built with a Quick Clean Technology, which helps you to clean it in a few minutes.

The Philips Viva Collection is one of the best selling juicers in India because of its ability to produce juice fast and in large quantity. It is a stylish juicer that is not too complicated to clean.

One of the things you will notice in this device is the green logo of Philips, which is an assurance of its low power consumption. It is one of the most energy-efficient devices out there.
Product Features:

  • Easy Checking of the Pulp with See-Through Pulp Container
  • Drip Stop to Prevent Juice from Dripping
  • Integrated cord storage space to store the power cord.
  • It has a black and transparent body made of ABS plastic and also has non-slip feet so that the appliance stays put in one place while juicing.
  • Can produce 1.5 liters of juice in one go
  • Compact design
  • Integrated pulp container
  • Made of ABS plastic material
  • Doesn’t require installation to use
  • Not much drawbacks

2. Sujata Powermatic Plus Juicer

best juicermixer grinder in india
  • Transparent and unbreakable mixer jar
  • High strength stainless steel blade
  • Low maintenance

About Product:

The Sujata Powermatic Plus Juicer is one of the best juicers in India. This device is popular in hotels and restaurants too, which always have the need to prepare fresh juices in large quantities.

However, it is also ideal for home kitchen and is genuinely a reliable companion for everyday use.

It features a 900-watts motor. It is low maintenance, energy-efficient, and runs for years without any trouble. Furthermore, this juicer is shockproof, which ensures safety and protection as it works.

It also assures 90 minutes of continuous operation, with a speed of 2200 RPM.

What’s great about this juicer is that it can retain the original aroma and flavor of the fruits or vegetables that you are juicing.
Product Features:

  • Juicer with unique honeycomb filter mesh for finer juice with higher yield
  • Most powerful 900 watts motor with double ball bearings for efficiency, low maintenance and trouble free running for years
  • Easy and quick juicing, ideal for larger fruits and veggies
  • Perfect for homes, a sturdy, problem-free, reliable companion for life.
  • 900-watts motor
  • Centrifugal type juicer
  • Covered with a 1-year warranty
  • Durable mixer jar
  • Equipped with a unique honeycomb filter mesh
  • Mediocre design

3. Wonderchef Nutri Blend Juicer

best juicer
  • Non-skid rubber footing
  • Easy to clean
  • Motor unit is very steady and safe to use
  • Juicer attachment is a new addition to Nutri-blend

About Product:

This Nutri Blend 400-watt juicer from Wonderchef is made by one of the most trusted brands, known for selling the best quality appliances.

This juicer is genuinely very efficient and can produce healthy and delicious juices in the fastest and most convenient way.

It is highly recommended to those who are looking for a juicer mixer grinder that is fast, compact, convenient, and yet durable.

Aside from producing juices, you can also use it to grind ingredients such as chutneys and dry spices. Users are happy with the compact design of this device. It does not take up lots of space in your kitchen counter and is very effortless to maintain, unlike the other traditional mixers and juicers that come with bulky machinery.

Furthermore, this juicer has two interchangeable jars with different sizes, and you can use each depending on the purpose. One jar is 500 ml in capacity while the other is 300 ml.

Product Features:

  • The super-fast motor and sharpest steel blades break-down the food completely, extracting all nutrients
  • Includes: Juicer mixer grinder, Long jar, Lid, Blending blade, Short jar, Seasoning cap, Chopping blade and Motor base
  • Don’t run the Nutri-blend for more than 1 minute at a time
  • This Complete Kitchen Machine offers an all-in-one solution and performs four functions – those of a mixer, grinder, juicer, and chopper
  • 400-watts power
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty
  • Compact design
  • Fast speed motor
  • Sharp steel blades
  • Not much drawbacks

4. Kuvings Professional Cold Press Whole Slow Juicer

best juicers in india
  • Safety-lock & Cooling system
  • Quiet operation
  • Slim design for saving kitchen space
  • 76mm-wide feeding tube

About Product:

Kuvings is one of the best brands of juicers in the market. This slow juicer is an excellent investment. It is equipped with a feeding tube, which is about 3 inches wide and eliminates the need to cut fruits & vegetables into small slices before juicing.

Unlike other juicers, this does not produce any loud noise or vibrations that are often irritating and distracting.

This juicer from Kuvings is perfect for those who live in apartments, and don’t want to disturb their roommates. In addition, this juicer is easy to assemble and disassemble, making it one of the most convenient juicers out there.

Product Features:

  • Smart Cap for combining juices and preventing leaks
  • Cleaning kit containing specialized rotating cleaning brush and regular brush
  • Enables to load the whole ingredient
  • The product is made out of food grade BPA free plastic for enhanced life and hygienic juice
  • 50 RPM power
  • Capable of juicing fruits, vegetables and all kinds of greens
  • Gear and motor are covered with a 10-year warranty
  • Patented with a wide mouth
  • Ready to juice package
  • Not much drawbacks

5. Deerma NU05 Personal Power Blender

best juicer in india
  • Compact and clean
  • 3 Touch safety locking mechanism
  • Cutting edge 3D blade with 6 precision blade wings

About Product:

The Deerma Personal Power Blender is a rechargeable wireless juicer, which is equipped with a 1500 mAH battery.

Able to fully charge in 3 hours, this juicer allows you to prepare juices anywhere you go! Its cutting-edge 3D blade wings allow you to produce fruit and vegetable smoothies at a rapid speed.

The 3-touch safety locking mechanism of this juicer keeps your hands protected when juicing. On top of this, the juicer comes with a blue LED indicator that will turn on once the jar is fitted well. If the jar is not fixed properly, it will produce a red color glow. This portable jar is equipped with a leak-proof seal that keeps the cup clean at all times.

Product Features:

  • Rechargeable wireless blending made possible with 4000mAH battery
  • 400Ml scratch proof portable jar with turbulence step-ups inside efficiently blends in a compact size.
  • Leak-proof seal in the juicer cup keeps it clean all the time
  • Fast charge in 3 hours lets you enjoy blending upto 6 times in a single charge
  • 400Ml scratch-proof jar
  • Cutting edge 3D blade technology
  • Leak-proof seal
  • Portable, compact, and cordless
  • Powerful 20000 RPM motor
  • The need to charge it

6. Qualimate Hand Juicer

best juicers in india
  • Easy to store
  • Vacuum Based surface lock system
  • High quality ABS plastic and steel
  • Unbreakable food grade material

About Product:

Another powerful juicer in this list is the Qualimate Hand Juicer, which comes equipped with a steel handle and mesh filter. It allows for a smooth squeezing of vegetables or fruits that you are juicing.

When it comes to efficiency, this juicer will not disappoint you! It can juice any soft vegetable or fruit fast and easy. The juicer may also work for the hard variety of fruits and vegetables, although they have to be chopped first.

This juicer is equipped with all the great features that one can expect from a reliable fruit and vegetable juicer. It has anti-skid vacuum feet, anti-drip cap, pusher etc.

But what’s great about this device is that it’s built to last and made from high-quality materials. The steel handle and plastic components of this juicer are hardwearing. Furthermore, the mesh is made of string steel, which means you can rely on it for a long time.

Product Features:

  • Along with this handy juicer, you also get two glasses by Madind that fit into the device’s glass slot perfectly.
  • All parts are easily detachable for easy manual wash Easy manual Operation, handy and comfortable to use with Metal handle
  • Featuring a unique design that extracts maximum juice
  • As it does not require electricity for operation, you can carry this juicer wherever you go and get instant access to fresh juices wherever you go
  • Comes with detachable parts for easy cleaning
  • Easy storage
  • Made from high-quality ABS plastic material
  • Multipurpose design
  • The size is small. So, you cannot squeeze too much in one go.

7. Qualimate Portable Electric USB Juicer

best mixer juicer grinder in india
  • Portable & Convenient to Charge
  • >Easy and Safe Cleaning
  • Stainless steel blade on the bottom
  • Multi-function

About Product:

The Qualimate Portable USB juicer also functions as a water bottle and is among the most popular juicers in India. It has a compact cylindrical design, allowing you to carry it easily from one place to the other.

This portable juicer has a 380-ml capacity, which means that you can prepare a glass of fresh juice right at your fingertips wherever and whenever you want to.

This juicer is highly recommended for travelers and business professionals who need a portable juicer that can double as a water bottle. It is so compact and lightweight that you can put it in your side pockets. Made with high-quality stainless steel, this juicer rotates at high speed and helps you to prepare fresh juices or smoothies in no time.

Users love how easy it is to disassemble this juicer for cleaning. All you need is to rotate the upper part of the device and separate it from the base. The main switch is located at the bottom for easy on & off operation. Simply double-tap to start using and long-press when you need to stop.

Product Features:

  • The USB juicer cup comes equipped with a built-in 2000mAh rechargeable battery that can be easily charged by power bank, laptop, computer, mobile phones or other USB devices
  • Little body light weight design is easy for you to carry
  • It has a smart safety protection device, magnetic sensing switch ultra safe to use and clean
  • Comes with a 2,000 mAh rechargeable battery
  • Easy and safe cleaning
  • Multi-function juicer
  • Portable, convenient, and compact design
  • Not that durable

8. Havells Stilus 500-Watt Juicer Mixer Grinder

best juicers in india
  • Powerful Motor
  • Stainless Steel Sieve
  • Prepare Juice Easily
  • Pulp Container

About Product:

The Havells Stilus All-in-One Juicer Mixer Grinder promises a hassle-free and convenient juicing experience.

It can produce a sufficient amount of juices in less time and yet offers superior performance. You will get 3 jars with this juicer – a multi-purpose jar, blender jar, and a chutney jar. It also comes with a pulp container for hassle-free juicing. The product is covered with a 2-year manufacturer warranty.

With its powerful motor, this juicer is very user-friendly and highly efficient. It is ergonomically designed and equipped with several functional features. It is designed to compete with some of the leading brands of contemporary juicers in the world.

The jar of this juicer is break-resistant and made from transparent polycarbonate material. It also comes with a filter that ensures a smooth and lump-free juicing experience. It is specifically designed with a bigger size sieve, allowing for the efficient and effective cutting of fruits or vegetables.
Product Features:

  • Bigger pulp container for hassle free juicing which contains upto 2 kg pulp in one go
  • Fruit filter and sliding spout which provides smooth and lump free juice and sliding spout helps in serving
  • Break resistant polycarbonate transparent blending jar
  • This appliance features 3 Speed Control, and the Pulse feature which you can use as per your convenience
  • Comes with a 304 stainless steel sieve
  • 2-year product warranty
  • Effectively cuts fruits and vegetables
  • Function Dry grinding
  • Includes a pulp container
  • Tend to produce lots of noise when juicing

9. Rico’s Electric Juicer

best juicer mixer grinder
  • Quick Juice technology
  • Smooth and easy to clean
  • lifetime Rust free Guarantee
  • Super powerful motor

About Product:

The Rico electric juicer allows you to produce healthy and refreshing drinks instantly. It comes with great features and truly stands out from other juicers in the market. Its compact design ensures that it doesn’t occupy too much space in your kitchen counter or storage cabinet.

This juicer is extremely easy to clean. It is made from a high-grade material, guaranteed to last for several years.

The 400-watt powerful motor of this device makes it very efficient in extracting and producing juices out of your favorite fruits and veggies. It uses Japanese technology.

Product Features:

  • Boasting a motor with double ball bearings and durable components that are built from high-quality materials
  • Large Pulp Collector for Continuous Juicing
  • Centrifugal Juicer Attachment
  • It has a Compact design and durable body made up of strong plastic and Anti-slip vacuum feet that offers steady placement of the application on any floor
  • Can produce juice in just 10 seconds
  • Easy to clean
  • High-class juicer
  • Integrated with Japanese technology
  • Powerful 400-watts motor
  • Tends to produce a lot of waste when juicing

10. Hestia Nutri-Max Cold Press Juicer

best juicers in india
  • Stays fresh longer
  • Stainless steel 304 technology
  • Easy to clean
  • 2 Strainers

About Product:

The Hestia Cold Press Juicer is another excellent and one of the best juicers in India. It is known for its robust motor capacity. Its powerful motor rotates at a speed of 60 RPM and produces less than 45 decibels of noise. Its strong and yet silent motor is capable of extracting juices with less effort. It works well with all types of fruits and vegetables, even including beetroot, carrots, apples, oranges etc.

One of the best features of this juicer is that it can be cleaned easily. All you need to do is pour water inside and let the juicer run. The manufacturer recommends pouring 300 ml of water before running the juicer when cleaning. Doing so can clean all the fiber and pulp that may have dislodged in some components of the juicer. This device is dishwasher-safe.

It is equipped with three different strainers that can be used in producing juices, smoothies, and even gelatos! Apart from the strainer, this device also comes with a 75-mm wide tube that allows users to place an entire fruit directly into the juicer.

Product Features:

  • Anti-oxidize your body with maximum nutrients, vitamins, trace minerals, phyto-chemicals
  • More Juice than centrifugal juicers and bone-dry pulp compared to any cold press juicer
  • 100% pure Copper wired motor weighing 4.163 Kgs. Total weight of the machine is 7.47Kgs
  • Best Auger with patented Large knobs to squeeze the last drop of juice. Auger is 16.34 cm in height as against 9.5 cm of competition
  • Large feeding tube
  • Made from 100% BPA free materials
  • Produces dense juice
  • Superior quality juicer
  • None