If you are wondering what the best vegetable chopper in India is, then you have arrived at the right spot. Considering the amount of time and confusions involved while picking the right chopper, we have researched about different products and arrived at a few that can best suit you.

10 Best Vegetable Choppers In India

A good vegetable chopper simplifies the process of preparing meals and the burden of cutting huge amounts of vegetables.

Moreover, you don’t have to repetitively wield a knife. The problem with using a knife is that you might end up hurting yourself when you are cutting the veggies or fruits in a hurry. In addition, it results in unevenly cut pieces.

Vegetable choppers, on the other hand, are easy to use and reduce the amount of effort you have to expel in food preparation. They are exclusively designed to create beautiful salads with elegantly cut pieces of carrots, cucumber, tomatoes, and onions, which are hard to replicate even with a sharp knife.

Choppers with integrated bowls, also reduce the amount of mess in your kitchen, as they store the cut veggies or fruits in the same container that you chop. As food does not fall onto the countertop, it reduces the clean-up work you have to do every day. Vegetables cut in uniformly-sized pieces also cook evenly.

Whether you want to chop little veggies or several kilograms, these products can complete your task effortlessly in minutes.

1. Pigeon Plastic Chopper With 3 Blades

best vegetable chopper in india
  • Unbreakable ABS plastic
  • 3-blade design
  • Eco-friendly design


About Product:

Pigeon’s Stovekraft is currently the best vegetable chopper in India, as it does not require electricity to work, and is ideal for areas where power often fails or is unstable during the day.

It has a string within its cover that is attached to a handle and once pulled, the vegetables within the chopper are cut into pieces. The blades are spread over three levels and made from stainless steel.

The blades are incredibly sharp, allowing the chopping process to proceed smoothly and with minimal effort. Created from ABS plastic, the chopper is exceptionally durable and has an elegant color.

Product Features:

  • ABS plastic build
  • Stainless Steel 3-blade design
  • String-driven chopping function
  • Compact 9cm tall chopper
  • It is easy to use and comes with an attractive price point
  • The blade is exceptionally sharp and ideally suited for cutting vegetables and fruit
  • Made from quality plastic
  • The thread gets stuck inside the cover or refuses to wind up after it is pulled and causes problems

2. Ganesh Vegetable Dicer With 12 Cutting Blades

best vegetable chopper in india
  • Large unbreakable container
  • Easy To Use
  • Advanced push to clean button


About Product:

With Ganesh Vegetable Dicer, you can chop large quantities of vegetables and fruits in different sizes within minutes. It comes with 12 high-quality steel blades, which retain their sharpness for a long time.Be it cutting vegetables into large chunks for stews or julienne cuts for garnishing, it works like a wonder.

Ideal for cutting large amounts of vegetables for fruits for salads when cooking for a 4-5-member family, it helps reduce meal preparation time. It has a rubber base, which prevents the unbreakable container from moving on the countertop, and a button on the lid ensures that the blades are easily cleaned.

The large bowl is durable and is ideal for storing cut fruits in the fridge.  While its blade can shred cheese in minutes, its safety holder allows for vegetables to be held and cut without your fingers being hurt.  Included with the unit is a handheld peeler/grater for removing potato skin and for finely grating ginger.

Product Features:

  • Large unbreakable container
  • Rubber base
  • 12 stainless steel blades
  • Button for cleaning
  • ABS plastic build with ergonomic handle
  • Safety holder included
  • Peeler and handheld grater included
  • Very durable plastic build
  • Steel blades retain their sharpness and allow for extended use of the chopper
  • Ideal for grating vegetables and cheese
  • Pieces of vegetables and fruit get stuck in the lid and top portion and are difficult to remove
  • It cannot be used to create long slices ideal for French fries

3. Prestige 3.0 Plastic Veggie Cutter

best vegetable chopper
  • Operate without electricity
  • Chop vegetables in fine sizes
  • High-quality plastic


About Product:

The Prestige 3.0 Veggie Cutter has a smart design and is ideal for everyday use. Whether it is to quickly cut onions for seasoning or dice tomatoes into tiny pieces for a gravy – it can do the task in seconds.

The cutter is made of high-quality, durable plastic build with a capacity of 350ml. However, it is ideal for a family of 2 members. Its string and ergonomic handle are manually operated, and the pulley system moves the sharp steel blades to cut the ingredients with ease.

Five to six pulls gives medium-sized pieces are created whereas 10-15 pulls offers fine chopping. It is also ideal for cutting nuts into small pieces.

Product Features:

  • Superior plastic build
  • A capacity of 350 ml
  • Pulley system with handle
  • High-quality stainless steel blades
  • The chopper allows for effortless cleaning
  • Its compact design makes it ideal for use in a small kitchen where it takes up less space
  • Helps conserve electricity and reduces meal preparation time
  • Not suitable for cutting a whole carrot or onion
  • Only fits a limited amount of vegetables

4. Home Puff HP-MINI-CHPR Vegetable Chopper

best vegetable chopper in india
  • Sharp Stainless Steel Blade
  • Shatterproof
  • Anti Skid Base
  • Easy Cleaning

About Product:

Created from durable BPA-free material, the Home Puff HP-MINI-CHPR is ideal for home use and makes the chopping hassle-free. The BPA free plastic in the chopper is shatterproof, long lasting, and safe to use with vegetables & fruits.

It has a compact build, and the lid features a string & pulley, which when pulled once causes the three blades to deliver 12 cuts. With a capacity of 400ml, it is ideal for use in small family, and the individual components are designed for cleaning in the top rack of a dishwasher.

Product Features:

  • BPA free material in the build
  • Does not require electricity to work
  • Capacity of 400ml
  • Ultra-sharp stainless steel blades
  • Storage lid included
  • Lid allows for the container to double as a storage space for cut vegetables
  • It fits a limited amount of vegetables and is not suitable for a large family
  • Pulley system does not operate very smoothly

5. Nova Small Plastic Handy Chopper

best vegetable chopper in india
  • Long-lasting use
  • Powerful and versatile
  • Unique string function


About Product:

The Nova Quick Cut Chopper is designed with an efficient string and handle, which makes it a popular pick when it comes to the best vegetable chopper in India.

A few pulls on the handle is enough to chop the vegetables in fine pieces. With this product, you no longer have to spend much time wielding a knife to get the same results.

It has a base that is slip-resistant and keeps the chopper from moving when in use. Since it is built using ABS plastic, it is long lasting and durable. Moreover, the three steel blades retain their sharpness for a long time. It is dishwasher-safe and allows for easy cleaning in the top rack.
Product Features:

  • Three stainless steel blades
  • Slip-resistant base
  • Smooth string and handle system
  • Does not require electricity
  • Durable ABS plastic build
  • Dishwasher safe
  • It reduces the time and effort needed to chop vegetables and fruits into tiny pieces
  • Ideal for cutting onions and tomatoes fine when making a gravy
  • It is not designed to handle large chunks of vegetables and fruits, and these have to cut into smaller portions before loading in the chopper

6. Prestige PEC 3.0 Electric Vegetable & Fruit Chopper

best vegetable chopper in india
  • Extra-sharp stainless-steel blade
  • Efficient performance
  • Unique ring handle design


About Product:

With Prestige PEC 3.0 Electric Chopper, you can chop vegetables and fruits in different sizes within seconds and prepare your meal in no time. The chopper comes with a 250-watt motor, durable stainless steel blades, and is ideal for everyday use.

A press button on the top ensures that it is easy to use even for a multitude of chopping needs including crushing nuts. It also has a whipping blade for whisking eggs or creating fresh cream for cakes.

The 500ml jar is transparent and allows for easy monitoring of the chopping process and ensure vegetables are chopped fine or coarse, according to your preference.

Product Features:

  • Elegant and compact design
  • 250 watts motor onboard
  • Simple press button operation
  • Durable stainless steel blade
  • Whipping blade included
  • Transparent 500ml jar
  • Components designed for easy cleaning
  • Compact and attractive build
  • Motor overheats when the chopper runs for an extended duration

7. Borosil Plastic Chef Delite 300W Twin Blade Chopper

best vegetable chopper
  • Low noise motor
  • Inbuilt thermal auto cut-off
  • Dual blades


About Product:

With a budget price, the Borosil Plastic Chef delite is a powerful chopper with a 300W motor onboard and is designed to make the chopping and mincing easy. It is ideal for use in a modern kitchen and comes with a 600ml capacity bowl, allowing a considerable amount of vegetables to be chopped when preparing meals for a large family.

It has four blades arranged in two sets that are ideal for crushing nuts and cutting vegetables & fruits into fine pieces. While the inbuilt thermal cut off is safe to use, its push button helps operate better.

Product Features:

  • Motor with 300 watts power consumption
  • Advanced twin blade technology
  • Extended warranty of two years
  • Push button for operation
  • Bowl with a 600ml capacity
  • Auto cut-off safety feature
  • Large capacity bowl fits a lot of chopped vegetables
  • Operates and cuts vegetables within seconds
  • Good price point
  • It is not suitable for making chutneys and fresh tomato puree

8. Omega’s Mini Handy Chopper

vegetable chopper
  • BPA proof
  • Anti-skid base
  • Easy pull
  • Comfort soft grip lid

About Product:

Perfect for chopping vegetables and fruits, the Omega’s Mini Handy Chopper operates without electricity. It is ideal when you are camping or trekking, and has a bowl with a 400ml capacity.

It has an easy-to-use handle on its lid, which is attached to a string and operates as a pulley. Once pulled, the string causes the sharp steel blades within the chopper to rotate several times and effortlessly cut vegetables and fruits.

More pulls on the handle results in vegetables such as onions and tomatoes to be cut into tiny pieces. Created from BPA-free material, the chopper is safe to use with food. It can also chop nuts and boneless meat. The lid has a good grip and the base is designed to keep the chopper from shifting when in use.
Product Features:

  • Food-grade plastic build
  • Extra-sharp steel blades
  • Bowl with a 400ml capacity
  • Cord and handle pulley system
  • Six months warranty
  • Reduces reliance on a knife when chopping vegetables
  • The string wears out quickly

9. Smile Mom Vegetable Chopper, Cutter, Whisker for Kitchen

vegetable chopper
  • High quality food-grade material
  • Easy pull cord
  • Comfortable handle
  • Stainless Steel Blades

About Product:

The Smile Mom Vegetable Chopper has a sizeable 900ml capacity and is ideal for whisking eggs and cutting vegetables effortlessly. It is built with high-quality BPA free material and is safe to use with vegetables and fruits. This ensures that the contaminants do not leach into them.

The string and handle, when pulled, turn the five stainless steel blades with ease and ensure vegetable slices according to your needs.

The silicon on the base keeps the chopper from moving when in use while a lock secures the lid and prevents it from moving. A whisker blade is also included and is ideal when whisking eggs for creating fluffy omelets.

Product Features:

  • Five steel blades
  • Capacity of 900ml
  • Whisker blade included
  • Silicon base is resistant to slippage
  • Ergonomic handle and smooth string
  • BPA free plastic build
  • Six-month warranty
  • It is useful for chopping boneless meat and nuts
  • A large capacity bowl can fit a lot of cut vegetables
  • The lock on the lid is convenient
  • The string in the pulley system breaks
  • Warranty details are not provided

10. Solimo Large Vegetable Chopper With 3 Blades

best vegetable chopper
  • 3 high-quality sharp stainless steel blades
  • 4 locks on the lid
  • Unbreakable use
  • Easy strong pulley mechanism

About Product:

The Solimo 500 ml Vegetable Chopper comes with attractive colour and design. It has three blades, which allow efficient chopping of fruits for salads and vegetables for a stir-fry.

It has a volume of 500ml and is ideal for chopping vegetables quickly when cooking for a family of 3-4 members. The pulley and handle allow the string to be pulled with ease, which in turn, causes the blades to rotate.

The smooth pulley ensures that you do not spend too much energy and when pulled several times, it causes vegetables to be finely chopped. Built with durable polystyrene and polypropylene material, the chopper does not leach contaminants into the food. Also, the locks on the lid ensure that it does not open accidentally when in use.

strong>Product Features:

  • A capacity of 500 ml
  • Three stainless steel blades
  • Built with safe food grade plastic
  • Driven by a handle and pulley mechanism
  • Comes with a lid with four locks
  • Each piece of the chopper is designed for effortless cleaning with a minimum amount of water
  • It has a bigger sized bowl when compared to similar models
  • The blades can be problematic and need sharpening often